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All About Face


Frequency 1 week – 4 weeks

Achieve the acne-free with a scientific-proofed combination of special Blooming’s skincare and oral medication.

Inflamed acne injection

100 – 500 THB

A set of Blooming’s special acne care

800 – 1,500 THB (lasted 2-3 weeks)

* Under doctor prescription only

Acne scar

Frequency 4 weeks

Transform the remnants of the painful past into a more vibrant face. Get rid of fibrosis under your skin and replenish skin collagen at the same time with a combination of micro-needling, injection, and subcision.


Frequency 4 months – 6 months


NABOTA - Premium South Korean toxin - USFDA approved
99 THB / unit

ALLERGAN - The one and only BOTOX ® from the USA - USFDA approved
250 THB / unit

XEOMIN - The purest, less resistant from Germany - USFDA approved
(By request only)

All About Face​

Dark spots

Sunspot? Acne spot? Melasma? Duh! Whatever?

Facial treatment

BLOOMING CLINIC’S famous 10 steps facial treatment of your choice, tailored to your need.

Perfect Radiance

Rejuvenate your dull, pigmented, under-nourished skin with multi-vitamins and skin nutrients to make your skin radiant.

Acne Pro

Comedone extraction and deep nourishment for acne-prone skin. To enhance the maximum result of our acne treatment.

Sensitive Skin

Soothing your dryness, parched, inflamed, hypoallergenic skin with a nourishing mask and vitamins.


Revitalizing your aging skin with deep moisturizer and nutrients to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Dermaglow Deep Cleaning​

Deep cleaning your skin and promoting lymphatic drainage with microsuction together with the power of natural enzymes, AHA, BHA. Then finish off with aloe-vera to seal off the nourishment.

Blooming Cellular Broth

Soothing your skin whilst nourishing from stem cell broth. Rehydrate parched skin, boost up collagen production, acne soothing and tone up the blemishes

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) dermal filler

Frequency: 8 months - 2 years

Either fill up the signs of aging or enhance the better version of yourself with a self-degradable (semi-permanent) HA filler.

Lasting from 8 months – 2 years.
Lips, cheeks, hollow cheeks, temples, under eyes, nasolabial fold, marionet lines, chin

NEURAMIS Korean Filler

6,999 THB / 1 cc except under eyes

YVOIRE Premium Korean Filler - USFDA approved

10,000 THB / 1 cc


12,000 – 15,000 THB / 1 cc

** Special price available when getting serviced with more than 2 cc

Laser - IPL (Intense pulsed light)

Frequency: 1 week – 2 weeks

Old but gold…

Some say it is outdated. But what else can rejuvenate your pigmented skin, reduce redness, kill acne bacteria and even stimulate your skin collagen ALL IN ONE GO?

Whole face



Upper legs
Lower legs
Whole legs



Frequency: 2 week – 4 weeks

Tone up your uneven skin tone, tackle melasma, tattoo and freckles in any area with a Q-switched ND YAG laser. Directly targeting melanin, the dark pigment under your skin. UNLIMITED SHOTS.

Whole face

Whole Back

Knee / Elbows / Talus

Pink lips

3 x 3 cm. tattoo removal

4 x 4 cm. tattoo removal

5 x 5 cm. tattoo removal

Eye brow tattoo removal


Frequency: 2 weeks – 4 weeks

Do you believe in magic? Let us show you! Starting with DARK CHARCOAL painted plus just a tiny amount of laser and then BOOM!!! Now begone wicked dead cells, impurities, and melanin. Here comes the glow that outshines every DIAMOND. UNLIMITED SHOTS until your skin hums “SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND”

All about face


One of the women’s worst nightmares. Once arrived, stay forever. But we can manage.

Blooming’s M injection

Frequency: 1 week - 2 weeks

SPECIAL RECIPE! Available only at BLOOMING CLINIC. One of our BEST SELLERS! Try it once, you will be back for more!

Melasma tablet 280 THB weekly
Melasma cream 120 – 140 THB

Blooming’s Premium M Injection

Frequency: 2 weeks

Premium recipe of 3% alpha-arbutin to directly tackle your melasma. Visible result guaranteed after 5 sessions of treatment.

Growth Factors M CLEAR

Frequency: 4 weeks

Using a variety of growth factors extracted from the placenta to inhibit the production of excess pigments under your skin. Experience your translucency after just 3 times. No cream or oral medication is needed! (REJU ®, 1000 pg of placenta growth factors, 5 ml)

TCA touch (Trichloroacetic acid treatment)

Get rid of the bumpy senile warts and skin tags with TCA touch. Fast, safe, efficient, with minimal downtime. 100% done by a doctor.

All about face

Mesotherapy (Micro-injections)

It is just a STING…But trust us…it is worth it.


Frequency: 1 – 2 weeks

Moisten up your parched skin, minimise small wrinkles, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and blur enlarged pores with highly polymerized sodium deoxyribonucleotide from King Salmon and non-crosslinked HA from “BCN base”.


Frequency: 1 – 2 weeks

A famous homeopathy remedy from Italy promotes troubled skin healing, reduces inflammation and minimizes acne, injected along your 16 lymphatic drainage points for maximum result.


Frequency: 1 – 2 weeks for skin booster
Frequency: 4 weeks for acne scar

No. 1 Korea’s skin booster, with PDRN 2%, hyaluronic acid and various skin nutrients, helps revitalize your skin texture, enlarged pores and promotes acne scar healing.

Whole face
Acne scar (subcision included)


Frequency: 2 weeks

Reduces your excess fat and lifts your skin with BABI fat from South Korea. No L-carnitine, no phosphatidylcholine, no caffeine, no palpitation, no swelling, no burning feeling, only natural ingredients

*1 bottle contains 10 cc. of solution

Filorga NCTF135HA under eye

Frequency: 4 weeks

Say “au revoir” to dark undereye in the French way with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid from Filorga NCTF135HA. Deeply hydrates your undereye skin and reduces fine wrinkles. Guaranteed by the French research center. The result last 3 – 4 months.

Diamond eye

Frequency: 2 - 4 weeks

If HA is still not enough for you, let’s add PDRN and glutathione! No more panda eye with BLOOMING CLINIC’S signature eye treatment delivered directly to your darken area. Moisten, repair and brighten your eye all in one time.

Reju Placenta Growth factor

Frequency: 2-4 weeks

Deeply nourish your skin with amino acids and growth factors derived from human placenta, directly delivered deep down to your skin. Revealing more hydrated face, more even skin tone. (REJU ®, placenta growth factors)

Nappage stings

Frequency: 1 - 2 weeks

Delivered vitamins and nutrients deep down under your skin with Nappage technique. Reveal the glow of your skin and stimulates collagen production just all in one session. Either glow recipe or acne recipe can be chosen.

All About Face​

Micro-needling by DERMAPEN

Frequency: 1 month

Tighten up your pores and soften your acne scars with micro-needles. Deeply nourish with your choice of an add-on.

Back to the basics

Pure vitamin C: Old school…but it makes you glow every time,
isn’t it?

A little extra glow

Vitamin C + Alpha – arbutin OR
Mesenchymal stem cell broth
May you be radiance as a FINE CHINA.


Vitamin C + Alpha – arbutin + PRP (autologous growth factors)
Vitamin C + Alpha – arbutin + Mesenchymal stem cell broth
GLUMP UP= glow up and plump up but not grumpy


Vitamin C + Alpha – arbutin + PRP (autologous growth factors)
+ Mesenchymal stem cell broth OR
Placenta Growth Factor

PRP – Vampire Facial / Hair

Frequency: 1 month

Renew your parched face or troubled hair with fresh stem cells derived from your blood (autologous stem cells), PRP or platelet-rich plasma.

Hair / facial treatment (choose 1 area)